A new look at electronic medical record essay

A New Look At Electronic Medical Records

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Electronic health records: Is it a risk worth taking in healthcare delivery?

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Electronic Medical Records Essays (Examples)

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Sep 19,  · The electronic medical record offers the medical professionals a solution to keep the information of a patient including his family and medical history that can be shared among several different physicians. Dec 10,  · The electronic health record represents a major change in healthcare delivery, either for health professionals and health institutions, either for patients.

In this essay we will mainly focus on its consequences regarding patient safety and medical liability. Medical entities also need to be in the know when they are converting to new software or implementing electronic medical records into their practice.

A New Look At Electronic Medical Record Essay Sample

There is a big process in ensuring medical records are not only safe but will be effective. An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital record of a patient's medical history and test results. A record which is kept digitally allows for ease of transfer between physicians and readability, not relying on the old system of papers which need to be physically transferred, or at best, faxed between offices.

Hospitals and other health care providers increasingly rely on cutting-edge technology to provide medical treatments to patients, and a growing number also realize the benefits of technological advances in administration and record-keeping.

– The cost of using electronic medical record is around $30, to $50, per doctor. In this case, it just only a small amount of funds are available up front. In this case, it just only a small amount of funds are available up front.

A new look at electronic medical record essay
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