Americanism educational league essay

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Americanism Education Leaders Essay Contest

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Americanism Essays

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Apr 06,  · The essays will be judged — not on the basis of agreement or disagreement with the views of Americanism Educational League, or on the length of their bibliographies — but on their internal logic, coherence, originality, thoughtfulness, and evidence of sound research.

Americanism educational league essay contest

The Americanism Educational Leaders' mission is to educate America's young people about the moral, political, social and economic values that … Americanism Educational Leaders. Deadline: April 30, Website: Americanism Educational League Essay Contest Need Money to Pay for College?

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The American Educational League Essay Contest is open to all undergraduate students in the U.S. Applicants are asked to write a 2, word essay on one of the following topics: death penalty vs. life sentence, national defense vs.

international defense, bankruptcy vs. government bailouts and same sex marriage vs. heterosexual marriage. The Americanism Educational Leaders is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to helping young Americans learn about and better appreciate our country's history.

To show appreciation to the teachers who help students do this, AEL established its "Outstanding Teacher Award", for Civics/U.S. History/Social Science.

Americanism educational league essay
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