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Put und sp tantiker Pat. Secrets of Mary Magdalene: The Untold Story of History's Most Misunderstood Woman [Dan Burstein, Arne J. De Keijzer, Deirdre Good, Jennifer Doll, Elaine H. Pagels] on dailywn.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers/5(15).

Elaine Pagels, the most well-known author on Gnosticism and a Gnostic apologist, interprets the main theme of the Gospel of Judas as a Gnostic argument against apostolic Christianity's veneration of martyrdom, thus giving the Gospel of.

Elaine Pagels: We need to know — and take responsibility for — the ways we interpret the dream expressed in our Declaration.

Gospel of Thomas

More than ever we need to ask, Whom do we include in the "American. Elaine Pagels, Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation (New York: Viking, ), pp. This quite marvelous book is marred by a terribly misleading title. From The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels Vintage Books, New York: pp.

xiii-xxiii In December an Arab peasant made an astonishing archeological discovery in. The Gospel of Thomas is a non-canonical sayings dailywn.com was discovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in December among a group of books known as the Nag Hammadi dailywn.comrs speculate that the works were buried in response to a letter from Bishop Athanasius declaring a strict canon of Christian scripture.

The Coptic-language text, the second of seven contained in what modern-day.

Elaine pagels articles essays
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