Hunting should be allowed essay

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Makah Indians and Whale Hunting

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These legs may not live very easy and possibly spread its possible to the other countries. Hunting Should Be Allowed Essay Shelby Morgan Professor Colon ENC July 17, Hunting Should Be Allowed Hunting is beneficial to our society and therefore should be allowed.

Historically human beings have been pursuing wild animals to provide their families with food, clothing, and shelter. Animal Poaching should be banned Poaching has pushed the limits, it has to stop!

If these blood thirsty poachers are allowed to continue there will be a horrible effect on the food chain in Africa and India.

Should Hunting Be Allowed? Essay Sample

If there are other indigenous peoples who have a legitimate whaling culture and a whaling tradition than they should be allowed to whale just as the Makah. The rest is all hype started by anti-whaling organizations to try to stop the Makah from killing a single whale. Aug 10,  · Commercial trophy hunting is allowed in more than a dozen African countries, with most hunts taking place in South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Hunting should be allowed and protesters should make the effort to become more knowledge about the benefits of hunting. There are many environmental benefits to society and to wildlife. The health of the animals is important to hunters as they reproduce and replenish there will be ongoing game for hunting.

There are several reasons why trophy hunting is so bad for lions, beyond the obvious one that it kills healthy members of an imperiled species.

The adult male lion is the most sought-after trophy.

Hunting should be allowed essay
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Should Hunting Be Allowed? | Essay Example