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Maladaptive Behavior

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Maladaptive behavior essays to copy

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) represents a combination of behavioral and cognitive theories of human behavior, psychopathology, and a melding of emotional, familial, and peer influences.

There are several subclasses of the psychotherapy CBT some of these include, Rational Emotional Behavior, Cognitive, Rational Living, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy among others.


Evaluation of Maladaptive Behavior Maladaptive behavior is commonly observed in children who have troubled family lives or low self esteem (Maladaptive Behavior, ). In this case, there could be several reasons that the child is exhibiting and engaging in maladaptive.

of trials and tribulations and those who study maladaptive behavior usually focus on the thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and skills one uses during daily living. assumes that all maladaptive behavior is caused by a disordered body part or function. The biological perspective may also po.

Maladaptive behavior essay
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