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Pre-apprenticeship training activity

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"Signwriter" means an employee over 21 years of age or who has completed an apprenticeship or a recognised period of training under the Training and Employment Act who in addition to having a knowledge of painting, staining and varnishing, does any of the following work- signwriting, designing and/or lettering of price tickets and.


2. 3 NCVER Pre-apprenticeship training activity PAUL FOLEY DAVINIA BLOMBERG NATIONAL CENTRE FOR VOCATIONAL EDUCATION RESEARCH The views and opinions. Browse 'Spray Painters' Businesses.

Spray painters are able to give your boat a fresh new look. Whether your boat is fresh from construction, needs a few touch-ups or is begging for a complete make-over, a spray painter can give your vessel a fresh new look for the seas.

Browse 'Other' Businesses. If you can't find a business, we will find one for you! QLD VIEW PROFILE. Peter Hardisty has worked in the boatbuilding industry since finishing his apprenticeship in and would be pleased to accommodate your boating needs in any way he can.

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